Our Magazine and our Publications

What's the Pellanda Magazine?

Here is the magazine of our company. But not only. Talk about us and talk about you. It is about our clients’ projects, the work of our architects, the correct use of color, tenacity and values (because the house is the main place of our life), food (yes, because in the kitchen we cook, don’t we ??!!).

You will find design ideas, curiosities about materials, events and much more.

Here are the published numbers

Pellanda Magazine nr 1

In the first magazine you will find, among other things, an in-depth analysis of the Personal Brand, the reportage of our meeting held in Kiev, the details of the project of the V-Sun villa located in the Venetian countryside, with an interview with the architects who designed it.

Pellanda Magazine nr 2

In the second magazine you will find, among other things, the project of the S-Town villa, located in the north-east of Veneto and furnished in total white. The interview with the architects who designed it, an in-depth study on the importance of the installation and the new column on the “Artisan / Artist” concept.

Pellanda Magazine nr 3

In the third issue, the protagonist is the V-Loft project: a renovation in the historic center with a modern flavor, the interview with the architect, the restyling of the Pellanda logo and some pages dedicated to the functionality of the boiserie and finishes. He also continues the column dedicated to the concept of “Artisan / Artist”.

Pellanda Magazine nr 4

The fourth issue develops the concept of living well-being in all its forms: from prehistoric times to the present day, analyzing the stylistic differences of the furnishings in the world. How and why does the style, the choice of materials, the color differ in homes in Northern Europe, Arabia, Russia and the East? An interesting excursus that is also explained by the climatic, cultural and historical differences.

Pellanda Magazine nr 5

In the fifth issue the protagonist is the project of our “Nature-friendly” kitchen: wood varnished with natural products, colors that recall the colors of the earth, in a modern style and with high technical performances. Yes, because this is our obsession: to be far from industrial production and bring home materials that respect us and make us feel good. Without giving up the news of the moment. All accompanied by an in-depth study of the concept of natural nutrition.

Pellanda Magazine nr 6

The sixth issue presents the restyling of a loft in an ancient village along the Via Feltrina. When the ancient is reborn with modern, clean and defined lines. An insight into wild food: natural elements that we can encounter during our walks and to be used as precious ingredients in our recipes. Also in this issue is the lifestyle column, dedicated to talent and much more.

Pellanda Magazine nr 7

Our seventh Magazine focuses on the connection between exterior and interior, presenting a project in which the kitchen and the living room are one with the garden and the green space. Concept that arises from Renaissance architecture, in which the buildings develop the internal courtyard, a space of welcome and connection between the visitors and the inhabitants of the building. From here, a presentation and an in-depth study of Renaissance Vicenza, in particular from an architectural point of view.

Bespoke Furniture, the Luxury of Interiority

A volume that traces analyzing the evolution of furniture over the centuries, starting from prehistoric times, up to the present day. Trying to understand the deepest forces of the human soul that has always sought out styles, shapes, colors. A research aimed at living well-being: a concept that goes beyond fashion, because it touches the personality, aspirations, values of each of us. And it becomes an expression of it. An analysis that ends with the only possible answer: the need for wellbeing in our home must pass through bespoke furnishings: created starting from the personality and individual values of each one.

Your new Bespoke Furniture

A real operating manual to better furnish every room in your home. Not only a technical guide, but a book that assigns a more personal and gratifying sense to home furnishings. You will be led hand by hand inside the rooms and step by step you will find the balanced solution to all your technical or simply furnishing doubts. Moving on to the importance of the relationship of trust that is established between those who follow you and take you by the hand and you, until you identify yourself with the product itself. Many finishes, shapes, specific woods, appliances up to lighting components, passing through the various styles, the most varied sizes and the multiple purposes of use.

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