Does your house need a Restyling?

You do not want to change your furniture, but would like giving it a new taste, make it more modern? 

And maintenance is becoming necessary? On doors, windows?

Is it always difficult to have the specialist for that maintenance? 

It's not common that the companies selling furniture can give a maintenance service or project a restyling.

The reasons are several: lack of time - experts - experience and technical skills - will.

Don't worry, we have the solution!

- Furniture re-painting
- Regolation of exhisting doos and drawers
- Maintenance on damaged furniture
-Replacement of metal parts and hardware
- Repainting and adjustment of windows and doors
- And much more (tell us your need, if you can't find it among these)

Are we able to work on everything?

Of course, not! It's important to meet each other to understand your need (you can also send us a picture of your problem) to see what we can do for you. In some cases it will be necessary to come and see personally.

How much is our service?

It's not easy to say. We will give you this info after understanding and giving us all information. This would be a first prevision.

    Use this contact form for describing us your idea, your desire.

    Send us a mail here or text us on whatsapp (to the nr 348 5826595). Write us what you desire to restyle, modify or your project together with your name, number and address!

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