What inspire us in our projects everyday?

It can be called ambition, or even aspiration: to furnish Italian homes and the most beautiful in the world!

Yes, it is a great and inspiring project, which we want to share with you. Because it is thanks to you that it is realized.

Every house, every restyling we design is aimed at making our lives, and yours too, beautiful, comfortable, emotional. In fact, what could be nicer than entering your new home and feeling at home!

Is it a play on words? No, absolutely no. It is the desire that you live in the house that most belongs to you. You can be a woman, a man, an entrepreneur, a freelancer or the person who takes care of the house. You are the person who will live in the best house. Because you deserve it. And for this it is necessary to furnish it to measure, understanding the three levels of needs and transforming them into a product, your furniture.

This pushes us to be always attentive to details, colors, shapes, capturing the future and modern ones without forgetting the present ones, which work. To you, your style, your mood, your way of living it, we have the pleasure of making it real!

Meet us!

Here is a company, the true artisan company, where things are built, from A to Z, always starting from scratch. This is how it must be done, there is no other way.

Back in 1977 Giuliano, the founder, started in the small workshop under the house, which is nothing more than the basement. Little space, few means, few tools, a lot of enthusiasm and desire to do, many hours of work. He first expands the basement of the house and then moves to the current, larger location, where we still design and produce the beautiful furniture for your home today.

Now I’m leading it, Lucio. Now I have more means, more space, more ideas and a lot of enthusiasm in wanting to create the dream you deserve. Your home, where to live at its best.

People work with us. Employees and collaborators. People are important, people make a difference. This is why it is important to have the right fitters, collaborations with the right architects, people in production who share our dream.


Giuliano Pellanda

The Folder

Lucio Pellanda

CEO and Designer

Damiano Visentin

Installation Specialist

Brondin Hajdini


Valentina Codardo

Colour Specialist

Mattia Parpaiola

Technical and Project Manager

Luca Bedin

Bagno and Wellness Specialist

Deborah Schiavo

Marketing & Export