Bespoke projects: the choice of materials

Yes, but which materials? Here are some guidelines Unleashing creativity in thinking and imagining custom-made furniture is beautiful and stimulating. Because we can finally think about our tastes, about what we have always wanted and that until now has remained a desire, about something unique, made just for us. Leafing through magazines, querying the internet, … Read more

Why desiring an exclusive kitchen?

Why would a person aim at a luxury kitchen? And what are the salient aspects that make it up? These are questions that I personally ask myself during the design and construction phases of custom-made kitchens, built by hand, built with high-level craftsmanship and consequently each one becoming different from the other. What is the … Read more

A kitchen in strict connection with nature

A variety of materials, a unique project: the kitchen that sounds refined and natural In a new project, the furnishing of the kitchen room is different from what you see in magazines. We want a modern, warm environment. Colors, lines, materials and finishes that speak of conviviality, of cooking, where the process of production of … Read more